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The Story

"The hard reality for me is there’s no way I will brush my teeth for two minutes on a consistent basis"
— Dr. Keith Arbeitman

“Dr. A, your gums are a mess.”

Here I am, a dentist, having my teeth cleaned in my office, and I’m getting shamed just like my patients!

The hard reality for me is there’s no way I will brush my teeth for two minutes consistently. I’ve been a dentist in Manhattan for over twenty years, and even though I know better, it seemed no matter what I tried- from timers to singing a song, when that toothbrush gets into my mouth, my ADHD takes over, and I can’t tell if I’ve been brushing for thirty seconds or three minutes. Now in my late 40’s, it finally started to catch up with me.

I know I’m not alone: 90% of us have cavities, and over 50% have gum disease. And yes, I see it and treat it every day in my dental practice. The basic problem is the average person only brushes their teeth for forty-five seconds, which flies in the face of the age old dentist recommendation of two minutes. So why are we telling people to brush their teeth for two minutes when we know they won’t? How was it that we didn’t have a solution that fits within the time people were willing to brush?

I decided to take action. Four years, a bunch of prototypes, and a few patents later, SymplBrush was born.

Here’s a few reasons why SymplBrush might be right for you:

  1. Invented by a dentist! SymplBrush is the first and only dentist designed mouthpiece style toothbrush on the market today. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

  2. Efficiency. You know how sometimes you brush too fast and miss a spot? With just the press of a button and a gentle side-to-side movement, you’ll have the power of 20 toothbrushes working in tandem to eliminate the most common cause of improper brushing: YOU!

  3. Clinically Validated. The Forsyth Institute, a Harvard affiliated dental research group in Cambridge, MA, ran a six week clinical study of SymplBrush against a control group of regular brushing habits. The study showed SymplBrush is safe AND reduced gingivitis 2x more effectively than the control group.

  4. Change is Good! How is it possible that your toothbrush hasn’t evolved in over 100 years? The only tool we use that’s seen less innovation is the pencil! Our patented stretch fit design allows SymplBrush to flex as you move it, accommodating virtually any sized mouth. SymplBrush truly modernizes the task of brushing.

Having sold over 5,000 SymplBrushes to a broad range of users, we're a small company making a big impact on communities that have been overlooked by all of the mega conglomerates that make traditional toothbrushes. As we look at the four year journey that brought us here, we're really proud to be the first and only clinically proven alternative to traditional toothbrushes. If you've struggled to get better at something you've been doing the same way your entire life, SymplBrush might be just what you’re looking for. With a 60 day money back guarantee, what do you have to lose?

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